Continuing Education

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The Workforce and Economic Development/Continuing Education Division is committed to providing opportunities for adults to gain new knowledge and skills through formal and informal study.

Students in these programs should note that written refund requests must be received one week before classes begin. No refunds will be issued after this date.


Workforce and Economic Development/Continuing Education also offers business, manufacturing technology, information technology, health care, public service, public safety, technical and vocational courses to prepare workers for changing occupational demands. Regularly scheduled courses are held at one of our locations. As an option, customized programs may be held at your workplace - on company time or after working hours.

Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Workforce and Economic Development/Continuing Education offers regularly scheduled conferences, seminars, and workshops for professional gain or personal development. Our professional staff will work with you in designing conferences, seminars or workshops to meet your organization's needs.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.'s) are available for participating in Workforce and Economic Development/Continuing Education programs. C.E.U.'s are based on a standard of one unit per ten hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. Upon successful completion of a course, each participant is presented with a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

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