2021 Graduation

There is no application fee to graduate - it is FREE to all eligible students. Students who have completed at least 45 credits are encouraged to apply.

Application for graduation is easy: Log into the student portal at “myRACC”, click on "Self-Service" and select the "Graduation Application" box.

The Records Office certifies graduates three times each year. However, there is only one Commencement Ceremony which is held at the end of the Spring semester. Students certified in August and December are welcome to participate in the Commencement Ceremony held in May.

Moving? In the event you will be leaving the area following graduation, please email Holly Kline. Include your ID number, the address to which you wish your diploma mailed, and a contact phone number. All debts to the College must be paid before diplomas will be released.

Graduation Dates
Graduation Month Apply Starting Diploma Mailed Notes
May January 1st Diploma mailed no later than August 15th If you apply between January and March 15th you are guaranteed to have your name in the program. If you apply between the first Tuesday in April to the actual date of graduation, you are not guaranteed to have your name in the program. However, you may still walk in the ceremony and your name will be called on stage.
August June 1st Diploma mailed no later than  August 15th If you applied for May graduation and are approved by the Dean to complete summer courses, you do not need to apply. (Your application will be moved from May to August.)
December September 1st Diploma mailed no later than  February 15th Anyone graduating in December is invited to return the following May to walk in the Ceremony. Keep watching the website in January for more information.



Ordering a transcript with degree on it:

  • Option 1: Complete the form in the Records office and check the box marked 'Hold for Degree Earned' statement. These requests will be filled first. You will be called to come pick it up. $6.00 fee.

  • Option 2: Complete the request online, make sure you check the box to Hold for Graduation. These requests will also be filled first. These will be mailed/emailed per your request. $6.00+ fee.

Learn more about Requesting Transcripts.

If you have questions, contact Benjamin Rosenberger or Holly Kline preferably by email or call 610-372-4721 ext. 5110 or 5466, respectively.

General Information

  1. You must first preregister for your final semester so that your program evaluation includes all the courses you plan to take.
  2. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review your program evaluation and any waivers you might need. Do this 1 to 2 semesters before you believe you are eligible so that if you need a class you will be able to register for it.
  3. Application Process
    All students should apply for graduation online through Self-Service. Log into myRACC, click on "Self-Service" and select the box labeled "Graduation Application".
    • For May Only: Cap and Gown Order Form
  4. Watch your Ravens email for a reply regarding eligibility for graduation from your area Dean. Your diploma will be sent via US Mail to your home address.

2021 Ceremony

Commencement Ceremony will be virtual with more information to follow.

  • WHEN: May 7, 2021
  • TIME: 2:00PM

10 Reasons to Speak at Graduation

Reading Area Community College annually selects a graduating student to speak at commencement. The chosen student speaker will have the opportunity to represent the graduating class at commencement.

Read the guidelines for submitting an application.

Graduation Honors/Honor Cords

The College recognizes graduates who have received an academic honors distinction at commencement. Graduates who have earned 30 credits or more of their coursework at RACC and earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or better are considered for academic honors. Pre-college level courses are not included in the calculation of the official graduation GPA.

Students graduating with the Academic Honors distinction are recognized as follows:

  • Cum Laude: 3.50-3.74 cumulative grade point average
  • Magna Cum Laude: 3.75-3.94 cumulative grade point average
  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.95-4.00 cumulative grade point average

These cords will be distributed at the Graduation Fair or email Judy Rubright to arrange for an alternate time if you are unable to attend the Graduation Fair.  

Gratitude Stole

The Student Government Association has purchased a Gratitude Stole for each graduate and they will be distributed with your cap and gown. In addition to making the graduation attire more attractive, these stoles may be used as gifts of gratitude for someone who has made a difference in your time at RACC and helped you achieve graduation. You may write a personal note on it with a Sharpie and AFTER the ceremony, present it to the person you choose. Or you may keep it yourself as a graduation memento. Please remember to wear it for the graduation ceremony, and do not give it away until after the ceremony. Additional stoles may be purchased through the Bookstore for $29.98

Phi Theta Kappa Members

Please contact Danelle Bower at extension 5451 or B-513 if you wish to purchase the gold stole and tassel for the graduation ceremony!

The PTK stole and tassel may be picked up at the graduation fair.  Please pre-pay in the cashier’s office and show your receipt at the Graduation Fair.

Honor Program Students

Students who complete 15 HONORS CREDITS WITH AN OVERALL GPA OF 3.25 OR HIGHER IN ALL HONORS COURSES may apply for an Honors Certificate and Honors Diploma. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Pamela Blakeley.


Download the full list of FAQ's here.