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The Eighth Reach
Lock 50 (Big Reading Dam) to Lock 45 (Kissinger's Dam) 
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Large Maps
Map #
File Sizes
  Plan 8-1 8-1 Guard lock at Franklin Street 279k   
Plan 8-9 8-9 Canal from Grist Mill to Penn Street Bridge 272k 
Section and Elevation 8-11 8-11 Shed over gate gearing at Poplar Neck 217k 
Plan 8-16 8-16 Seidel's Aqueduct (Big Reading) 192k 
Plan 8-101 8-101 Proposed realignment of canal 147k 
Plan 8-102 8-102 General plan for Trestling Bridge over Canal 279k 
Plan 8-103 8-103 Canal shops property, Reading 168k 
Plan, profile & cross-sections 8-106 8-106 Towpath below Lock 45 189k
Plan 8-107 8-107 Proposed new piers and channel below Penn Street Bridge 164k
Plan 8-108 8-108 Canal through Reading 165k
Plan 8-109 8-109 Canal from lock 48 to lock 49 124k
Plan 8-111 8-111 Seasholtz property, Reading 226k
Plan 8-112 8-112 Location of canal shops, Reading as of 1896 94k
Plan 8-113 8-113 Canal shops property, Reading 182k
Small Maps Map # Description File Sizes
  Plan 8-S1 8-S1

Lock, drydock, towpath and bridge (Big Reading)

Profile & section - 8-S6 8-S6 Little Reading Dam 318k
Plan 8-S102 8-S102 Property to be acquired by PRR in Reading 99k
Plan 8-S103 8-S103 Proposed change of location, lock 48 187k
Plan 8-S104 8-S104 Boat basin and dry docks, Reading 116k
Plan 8-S105 8-S105 Schuylkill River at Reading 192k
Plan 8-S106 8-S106 Canal properties south of Bingaman Street 158k
Plan 8-S109 8-S109 Railroad properties at Franklin Street Guard Lock 133k
Map 8-S111 8-S111  Schuylkill River at Reading with Canal right-of-way 230k 
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