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About the Project

In 1994, this collection of the Schuylkill Navigation Company and other drawings were discovered at Kernsville Dam. Several individuals from the Schuylkill River Greenway Association, including Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. H. Yarnell and Mr. J. Lawrence Heizman, were concerned about the preservation of the collection, and they were instrumental in rescuing the maps and drawings. Mr. Heizman arranged and inventoried the collection. Through the efforts of Dr. Gust Zogas, President of Reading Area Community College and Mr. Yarnell, then Director of the Schuylkill Greenway Association, the collection was transferred to The Yocum Library of Reading Area Community College.

  In 2000, The Yocum Library received a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which funded the digital scanning of the collection and the creation of a web site for the collection. In addition, the grant funded the creation of CD sets which contain the scanned images of the maps and drawings. Selected libraries, archives, museums, and archives throughout Pennsylvania will receive these CD sets,so that researchers can access the documents more easily.
  Many individuals at Reading Area Community College were involved with the planning and the completion of this project. Mr. Arthur Brooks, Mr. Roger Kimpland, Mr. John Lawlor, and Ms. Cindy Seaman provided valuable technical suggestions to the grant writer, Ms. Mary Ellen G. Heckman, during the grant proposal stage. Mr. Bruce Shaw provided assistance in procuring supplies and equipment for the project. The administrative support of Dr. Gust Zogas and Dr. Richard Kratz enabled the project to remain on schedule. The project staff, Mr. Jose Alby Fabiani, Mr. Roger Kimpland, Ms. Dannielle Niblick, Ms. Cindy Seaman, and Ms. Linda Waters, completed the project with great competence and dedication
  In addition, valuable information was provided by the staff and volunteers of the Berks County Heritage Center, especially, Ms. Susan Miller and Mr. Glenn Wenrich.

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