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The Seventh Reach
Girard Canal from Lock 57 to Lock 50
(The Girard Canal was about 22 miles long and the longest canal on the Schuylkill Navigation.) 
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Large Maps
Map #
File Sizes
  Plan 7-7 7-7 Property plan of the Schuylkill Navigation at Seyferts 211k   
Map 7-101 7-101 Girard Canal, Big Reading Dam to Birdsboro 138k 
Plan 7-108 7-108 Canal property at Lock 52-3, Laurel Hill above Pottstown 116k 
Plan 7-116 7-116 Belman property damaged by break in culvert 257k 
Plan 7-117 7-117 Belman property damaged by break in culvert 301k 
Plan, section & elevation 7-120 7-120 Preliminary design for Klapperthal hydroelectric plant at Big Reading Dam 248k 
Plan 7-122 7-122 Right-of-way near Monacacy (8 mile reach) 113k 
Plan 7-128 7-128 Road along towpath near Monacacy 233k
Plan 7-138 7-138 Property between bridges #22 & #23 (8 mile reach) 77k
Profile 7-140 7-140 Dredging pools, Big Reading Dam to Vincent Dam 168k
Small Maps Map # Description File Sizes
  Elevation 7-S101 7-S101 New feeder frame at Lock 51 79k  
Plan 7-S103 7-S103 Tyson property (5 mile reach) 86k
Plan 7-S110 7-S110 Canal right-of-way at Monacacy Road bridge 139k
Plan 7-S112 7-S112 Belman property (5 mile reach) 85k
Plan 7-S114 7-S114 Railroad over canal at Monacacy 81k
Plan 7-S115 7-S115 Encroachments on right-of-way (8 mile reach) 133k
Plan 7-S121 7-S121 Property at Lock 52 & 53 73k
Plan & elevation 7-S137 (blueprint) 7-S137 Wire crossing canal near Pottstown (negative image) 61k
Plan 7-S139 (blueprint) 7-S139 Canal property in Birdsboro (negative image) 56k
 Plan 7-S155 7-S155  Properties at Parkerford  71k
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