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The Fourth Reach
Norristown / Bridgeport - Catfish Dam 
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Large Maps
Map #
File Sizes
  Plans, sections & elevations 4-3 4-3 Towpath bridge at Catfish 141k  
Section 4-4 4-4 Proposed dam at Norristown (not built) 109k 
Plan 4-7 4-7 Norristown Canal 222k
Plan & section of feeder sluices 4-8 4-8 Norristown Dam 326k
Sounding 4-13 4-13 Catfish Dam (copy 2) 221k
Plan & sections 4-102 4-102 DeKalb Street Bridge 117k
Plan & sections 4-103 4-103 New waste weir in Norristown Canal 163k
Plan 4-104 4-104 Norristown Pool 114k
Plan & section 4-105 4-105 Repairs in break to Norristown Dam 118k
Small Maps Map # Description File Sizes
  Plan & section of breach in guardback 4-S2 4-S2 Catfish Dam 255k  
Plan 4-S3 4-S3 River and towpath at Hancock Ice House 80k
Plan & profile 4-S6 4-S6 Pumping main which crosses canal at Bridgeport 156k
Profile 4-S101 4-S101 Norristown Dam 221k
Map 4-S102 4-S102 Riverfront at Norristown & Bridgeport 166k
Plan 4-S105 4-S105 Property in vicinity of Lock 64, Bridgeport 184k
Sketch 4-S108 4-S108 Proposed crossing of 20" water pipe over canal 91k
Plan 4--S109 4-S109 Wire crossing at Diamond State Fibre Co. 165k
Plan 4-S115 4-S115 Upper portion of Norristown Canal between Norristown Dam & Ford St. (Phila. Electric) 128k
Plan 4-S121  4-S121 Vicinity of Lock 64, Bridgeport 118k
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