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The First Reach
Delaware River to Fairmount Pool

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Large Maps
Map #
File Sizes
  Plan 1-2 1-2 Hydrographical Plan  240k  
Plan 1-10 1-10 Channel improvement in Fairmount Pool at Pencoyd 198k
Plan 1-17 1-17 Fairmount Locks 197k
Plan, section and elevation 1-21 1-21 Concrete cover for overflow channel, Fairmount Locks
Chart 1-101 1-101 Height of water in Fairmount Pool, July 1900
Chart 1-102 1-102 Height of water in Fairmount Pool, August/September 1900
Chart 1-103 1-103 Height of water in Fairmount Pool, September/October 1900
Plan 1-112 1-112 Canal in vicinity of Falls of Schuylkill 121k
Small Maps Map # Description File Sizes
  Plan 1-S1 1-S1

Locks at Fairmount

Plan 1-S10 1-S10 Towpath in Fairmount Pool  159k 
Plan 1-S11 1-S11 New channel at Fairmount Dam opposite Pencoyd  183k
Section 1-S103 1-S103 Proposed method for widening towpath, Pencoyd 127k
Profile 1-S104 1-S104 Fairmount Dam 121k
Site plan 1-S107 1-S107 Collector's house & adjacent lock, Fairmount Canal 81k
Plan 1-S108 1-S108 Channel in tidewater below Fairmount Dam 92k
Plan 1-S109 1-S109 Fairmount Dam & Fairmount Canal and beyond 221k
Survey 1-S111 1-S111 Fairmount Dam & Canal 78k
Plan 1-S115 1-S115 Levels along towpath south from Lafayette Towpath Bridge 83k
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