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Mechanical Drawings
Large Maps
Map #
File Sizes
  Plan M-1AB M-1AB Horizontal wickets 265k  
Colored print M-2AB M-2AB Horizontal wickets for locks 240k
Plan, elevations & sections M-101 M-101 Boiler for tug "Dolphin" 139k
Elevation & sections M-109 M-109 Traveler for ferry cable 122k
Sections & elevations M-114 (blueprint) M-114 Steering wheel (negative image) 182k
Small Maps Map # Description File Sizes
  Drawing M-S1 M-S1 Clutch coupling for portable engine 147k  
Details M-S4 M-S4 Details 113k
Drawing M-S11 M-S11 Portable engine 94k
Drawing M-S104 M-S104 Boat pump 64k
Plan M-S107 M-S107 Oak or hacknatck knees 49k
Plan & section M-S108 M-S108 Derrick sheave 59k
Plan & section M-S110 M-S110 Cast iron washer, wrought iron screw end 91k
Section & elevation M-S122 M-S122 Wrought iron reinforcing clamp for bridge posts 62k
Elevation M-S123 M-S123 Detour sign 105k
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