Web Site Title and Content Web Site Address
First Gov - U.S. Federal Government's search engine of its own web sites
First Gov En Espanol -FirstGov es el portal oficial del gobierno de los Estados Unidos.
Government Documents - The University of Michigan's collection of links to government web sites
The WhitehouseThe official web site of the WhiteHouse
U.S.Post Office - The U.S. Post Office web site
CIA’s World Factbook - The CIA's reference books on countries of the world
CIA's World Leader Directory
Census Information - The official web site of the U.S. Census Bureau
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - The official web site of Pennsylvania state government
County of Berks - The official web site of the County of Berks government
City of Reading - The official web site of the City of Reading government
Berks County Intermediate Unit
Standard & Poor's SchoolMatters - Data on U.S. public schools