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Proposal#DescriptionDue Date
FY-14-15-11Vehicle Lease 2/10/2015
FY-14-15-10 RFPSmart Room Upgrades2/20/2015
FY-14-15-26AWelcome Center -General Construction 4/22/2015
FY-14-15-12 RFPHVAC / ATC Service 5/26/2015
FY-14-15-38Lab Equipment04/29/2015
FY-14-15-08Broker-Health Benefits 2/6/2015
FY-14-15-09RRestore/Replace Roofs3/4/2015
FY-14-15-28Microsoft Licensing 3/4/2015
FY-14-15-26BWelcome Center -Electrical 4/22/2015
FY-14-15-26CWelcome Center-Plumbing 4/22/2015
FY-14-15-26DWelcome Center- HVAC 4/22/2015
FY-14-15-36 Furnish Cisco Routers, Switches and accessories4/27/2015
FY-14-15-27 Welcome Center Furniture 4/22/2015
FY-14-15-33Furnish Microscopes4/27/2015
FY-14-15-07Arch/Eng Service9/26/2014


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