International Student FAQ

  1. What is the Reading Area Community College Campus like?
    Our campus is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, and extends along the banks of the historic Schuylkill River. Reading Area Community College stands at the gateway to a revitalizing urban center with easy access from all points.

  2. Why would an international student choose your campus?
    We have an open admission policy and provide academic excellence and affordability. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education accredits RACC. We have well-educated faculty and hard-working administrators. Our International Student Advisor is helpful and knowledgeable with Immigration and Naturalization Service issues.

  3. Why would the location (city/state) be attractive for an I.S.?
    Our campus is located near several major East Coast cities that can be easily visited on the weekends. Our students enjoy the advantage of living in a small town with minimal living expenses, and at the same time are just hours away from big cities like Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. RACC is also located in close proximity to the Amish countryside. We enjoy four different seasons - fall is the most beautiful.

  4. How many International Students are studying at RACC?
    We have 25-30 International Students from all around the globe per academic year.

  5. What does a student need to do in order to become an International Student at RACC?
    View the step-by-step admissions process.

  6. What are the admission requirements for F-1 Transfer Applicants?
    We need all of the documents referenced in the step-by-step admissions, and at a later date, the transfer form needs to be completed and signed by the former Designated School Official stating that the student was in status. Please note that we do not have a “deadline to apply” for transfer students.

    How to Apply
    Send all of the above requirements to the International Student Advisor. Provide a copy of the Affidavit of Financial Support Form, or equivalent. Also provide a bank statement and a letter from the sponsor stating that he/she is responsible for the educational costs of the student.

  7. Do you have an ESL program? If not, how do you help students with limited English skills?
    We require that our students pass the TOEFL test and score 450/45 (paper-based/internet-based) and above. We also have ESL courses that fall under our Communications Program as refresher courses. International students must be prepared to take standard college level class taught in English every semester to maintain full-time status. Our ESL program is not a full-time program.

  8. What programs are popular with current international students?
    Our Information Technology, Business Management and Nursing programs are popular with our international students.

  9. What is the academic relationship like between International Students and faculty members?
    The philosophy of our faculty is to promote a life-learning experience. Therefore, they are extremely helpful to international students seeking a quality education that will also provide them with guidance and experience throughout their lifetimes.

  10. What are the staff members and the activities of the International Student Office like?
    The International Student Advisor and other staff members encourage several activities such as the International Club, the International Festival, International Leadership Conference and individual cultural celebration. The advisor works directly with international students to assist them in many aspects of their educational and personal needs.

  11. What kind of special activities are there at RACC that are designed specifically for International Students?
    The International Festival is one of the activities that international students look forward to each year. For this event, students involved in the International Club arrange entertainment or perform cultural dances, poetry and demonstrations. Students also experience different ethnic cuisines and wear traditional costumes to celebrate all cultures. Also, each year the International Club visits at least one major city or attraction such as New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and the Baltimore Harbor. On many occasions, they also visit museums around our area.

  12. What are the types of services that are available to students at RACC?
    We have orientation for international students to review immigration regulations, as well as an orientation with American students so they get to meet each other and become acquainted. Housing on campus is not available; however, we provide a list of the available apartments around the college area. We have many ethnic restaurants close to campus and our cafeteria is open every day until 7 pm during the fall and spring semesters. We have convenient access to public transportation that travels all around the town. We also have advising and counseling services to assist students with life transitions, transfers and other academic needs.

  13. What are the top five universities that International Students studying at RACC later transfer to?
    Our two-year graduates have a passport to any of the following institutions: Penn State University, Kutztown University, Millersville University, Albright College and Alvernia University.

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