Honors Frequently Asked Questions

Who may enroll in honors courses?
Our honors courses are for motivated, intellectually curious student. Many community college honors students excelled in high school; others are "late bloomers" who hit their stride later on. All, however, share the same goal - building an excellent record of accomplishment and personal growth while in college and beyond.

What benefits are there in taking honors courses?
Plenty! These include a competitive edge when applying for jobs or transferring to four-year colleges, intellectually challenging curricula, individual attention from professors, and opportunities to interact and learn from other academically talented, motivated students.

How are honors courses different?
Classes are small, usually discussion style, seminars. Often fewer topics are dealt with than in standard classes, but in greater depth. There are increased opportunities to read, to conduct research, to write, and to do creative projects. In fact, the essence of honors education is exploratory, collaborative, and creative learning. Field trips and guest speakers also play an integral part in some honors courses.

Will my grade point average suffer if I enroll in honors courses?
Probably not. Research indicates that students who are appropriately enrolled in honors classes earn the same grades they would have received in standard classes. Some students feel they do even better in these small, supportive honors classes.

Remember, too, these courses will be designated as "honors" on your academic record, making your transcript stand out from others.

If I am involved in honors, will I have time for anything else?
Honors students are usually serious about their education and give their studies top priority. They also tend to have multiple interests and outside activities.

How do I get in?
You become an honors student by meeting the eligibility requirements and enrolling in Honors courses.

For more information: Contact Dr. Pamela A.R. Blakely, Honors Program Coordinator
610-372-4721 (ext. 5452)