Earning Honors Credit

Students have three ways to earn honors credit at Reading Area Community College:

Honors Courses
A student can enroll in honors courses.  Some, like the Environment course (ENV 131), are honors versions of general education courses.  Others are seminars, often interdisciplinary, on various topics.  These seminars count as electives in many of RACC's programs.

Honors Contracts
A student can enroll in a standard RACC course and arrange with the instructor to complete different or additional work.  The individual arrangement with the instructor is written as a contract. Forms needed for the contract can be found here online or in Yocum 110.

Honors contracts are subject to the willingness of individual instructors to participate and to the approval of both the appropriate division chairperson and the Honors Committee.

A maximum of 8 contract hours may be applied toward an Honors Certificate or an Honors Diploma.

Independent Study
A student can earn 1-4 honors credits for an independent study project proposed and carried out under the direction of a faculty mentor.

A project may involve in-depth research, creative works, internships, and/or three dimensional products.  The time invested in an independent study project will be similar to the time required for a course of comparable credit.

A maximum of 6 independent study credits may be applied toward an Honors Certificate or an Honors Diploma.

Students interested in learning more about independent study should read the forms below:

For more information: Contact Dr. Donna Singleton, Honors Program Coordinator, 610-372-4721 (ext. 5096)