English as a Second Language Program

Welcome to the English as a Second Language Program!

Our ESL Program offers credit-bearing courses for bilingual Spanish/English and non-native English speaking students. In other words, our students are admitted to RACC, eligible for financial aid, and work toward their college degree. ESL courses are also available to those who only seek to improve their English language proficiency.

Our student population, both U.S. resident and international, is diverse. Our students come from 29+ countries, including the United States of America, and speak 19 languages.

Our Mission

We nurture a culture of student success.

Our Goals

We are committed to:

  • helping students develop academic literacy, English proficiency, and study skills necessary for college and life success.
  • providing academic support throughout students careers at RACC.
  • inspiring students to develop skills of effective team work in a multicultural setting.
  • enhancing respect to diversity at RACC.

Registration Process

To register for ESL courses, a student needs to apply for RACC, take a placement test, and submit FAFSA, an application for financial aid. Placement into ESL courses is based on scores on the reading and writing sections of the placement test. After the placement test, a student should meet with an academic advisor or Eleisha Moreno, Interim ESL Program Coordinator, to register for appropriate ESL courses.

For more information about ESL courses, contact Eleisha Moreno, Interim ESL Program Coordinator at 610-372-4721 (ext. 5094). You can also keep up with the ESL Program on Facebook.

We look forward to working with you,

ESL Program Faculty and Staff