Curriculum Guides

Success comes when you make a plan and stick to it. When you have your goal in sight, you'll be more motivated to work hard to get there. The guides below will help you plan your curriculum based on your program and your own academic timeline. Choose the one that's most suited for your needs and you'll already be headed in the right direction!

What you should know before using these guides

  • These guides are suggestions. The time it takes you to complete your program will depend on your academic planning and progress.
  • AA (Associate in Arts) and AS (Associate in Science) programs are designed for students who want to transfer to a 4-year school after graduating from RACC. AAS (Associate in Applied Science), Certificate, and Diploma programs are designed for students who want to go directly into the workforce after graduating from RACC.
  • The length of your program may depend on your placement test scores. If you need to take pre-college level courses, you should start by reviewing the plans for your major marked with a (). This guide will help you select courses you can take while completing your pre-college level courses.

These files are in .pdf format. Download free Adobe reader.

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