Academic Testing Center

Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center administers make-up tests for RACC campus-based courses. The Academic Testing Center does not administer placement tests or tests for external institutions. For information about placement, see RACC Placement Testing.

Testing is available in the Yocum Library by appointment. Email or call 610-607-6237 for a testing appointment.

Students must present a picture ID when using the Academic Testing Center.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.


Contact: Mary Ellen G. Heckman
Phone: 610-372-4721 x 5061


  • Picture ID must be presented when registering for tests in the Academic Testing Center.
  • Only test-takers are allowed in the Academic Testing Center.
  • Cell phones must be set to vibrate and kept off desks in the Academic Testing Center during testing.
  • No sound equipment and/or headphones are allowed in the Academic Testing Center (disposable earplugs are available to block distracting sounds).
  • No tobacco products or e-cigarettes.
  • Students must use scrap paper provided by Academic Testing Center.
  • No testing materials (including, but not limited to, test questions, test instructions, student tests, drafts, practice or working notes) may be removed from the Academic Testing Center by students.
  • Additional supplies such as calculators or dictionaries are allowed only when specified by instructors on Academic Testing Center forms.
  • Students cannot leave the Academic Testing Center during tests.
  • Students cannot return to the Academic Testing Center to finish tests at a later time unless their instructors have made such arrangements.
  • Students should contact their instructors to find out if their tests have been placed in the Academic Testing Center.
  • Requests for weekend testing in The Yocum Library must be received by the prior Thursday.