Master Syllabus

Microcomputer Applications


  1. Course Title: Microcomputer Applications
  2. Course Number: IFT110
  3. Course Name: Information Technology
  4. Credit Hours: 3
  5. Semesters Offered: All
  6. Prerequisite: COM 061 Advanced College Reading; MAT 020 Basics of College


This course provides students with microcomputer hands-on experience using the essential software packages in use in the majority of business and private operations. Students will learn to use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software to solve a variety of problems. The specific applications software which will be used includes Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Students will also access the Internet.


Business and professional environments have undergone a rapid state of change to become more efficient. New technologies and careers have been developed in contemporary offices with the advent of microcomputers. This course will help students develop the basic microcomputer application skills of today's entry-level employee who needs to be computer literate with hands-on skills. These students may work in diverse environments in government, private industry, education, or social service organizations.


  1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of microcomputer concepts
  2. Utilize the Windows environment to perform basic file management functions including Copy, Delete, Rename
  3. Access the Internet
  4. Utilize a variety of text formatting options in Word to create and improve the appearance of documents
  5. Utilize tools to finalize a a word processing document such as spell check, thesaurus, and headers.
  6. Create a worksheet with a chart in Excel
  7. Modify spreadsheets by using formulas, functions, and formatting
  8. Create a simple database structure and populate with records in Access
  9. Query a database to retrieve certain records.
  10. Create a presentation in PowerPoint with a title slide and text slides with bulleted lists
  11. Enhance a presentation with clip art, animation, and transitions