Master Syllabus

Electric Utility Technology IV


  1. Course Title: Electric Utility Technology IV
  2. Course Number: EUT220
  3. Course Name: Electric Utility Technology
  4. Credit Hours: 6
  5. Semesters Offered: Spring
  6. Prerequisite: EUT 200 Electric Utility Technology III


This course is the culmination of the first three semesters training and work. In semester four, students will perform advanced line work. This will include such activities as splicing energized conductors, replacing lighting arresters, changing pins and insulators, replacing cutouts and installing cross-arms in energized work areas. Students will be trained in switching and tagging procedures and perform numerous overhead distribution tasks from a pole and bucket-truck requiring the use of hot-line tools. Students will also be trained in the safe work practices associated with 15kV direct handling along with all applicable Insulate and Isolate rules.


In order to be a competent line worker in the electric utility industry, one must be able to splice energized conductors, replace lighting arresters, change pins and insulators, and safely perform installation and repairs on an energized line from a bucket truck. This course provides such knowledge and skills.


  1.  Set up a bucket truck to perform work on an energized conductor
  2.  Troubleshoot and repair an energized power line experiencing cutout
  3.  Troubleshoot and repair various electric meters
  4.  Install metering equipment on transformers
  5.  Perform switch and tag procedures on various transmission lines
  6.  Explain company safety practices dealing with energized transmission lines
  7.  Demonstrate company work procedures dealing with direct handling of energized transmission lines
  8.  Install proper insulation prior to working on an energized transmission line
  9.  Use hot-line tools to troubleshoot and repair energized transmission lines