Master Syllabus

Fiction Writing


  1. Course Title: Fiction Writing
  2. Course Number: COM218
  3. Course Name: Communications
  4. Credit Hours: 3
  5. Semesters Offered: N/A
  6. Prerequisite: Successful completion of COM 121 or COM 122


This course is designed to teach the beginning writer the foundations of fiction writing, through a concentration on the short story genre. Critical analysis of contemporary and classic fiction will foster students' ability to read like writers and, in turn, critically fashion their own prose. Students will begin to develop their art by writing creative scenes focusing on a limited number of literary devices and, then, will write complete and original short stories. Guided by continual oral and written critiques from both the instructor and peers, students will learn to refine their work through the revision process.


A common adage of short story writing is that the truth must be distorted in order to convey Truth. By learning to read like writers, paying attention not only to what a writer says but also how he or she says is, and learning to fashion their own prose accordingly, then, students will see the creation of fiction, like the creation of other art forms, as a search for knowledge.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of fictional form through discussion and written work that employs appropriate terminology.
  2. Critique, through the spoken and written word, published works of contemporary fiction writers.
  3. Critique, through the spoken and written word, peer works.
  4. Apply critical skills gained from readings, discussion, and writing to the composition of short, creative scenes that focus on a number of limited literary devices.
  5. Apply critical skills gained from readings, discussion, and writing to the composition of original and fictional short stories.
  6. Develop and demonstrate a variety of editing techniques and employ recognized editorial marks.
  7. Develop and demonstrate a reflective evaluation of criticism by assimilating critiques into revised scenes and stories.