Courses Using ANGEL

Traditional on-campus courses
All traditional on-campus courses, regular face-to-face classes, use ANGEL to supplement classroom instruction. Depending on the instructor, students may be required to access course materials via ANGEL. Specific instructions will be provided by the instructor in each class.

Hybrid courses
In hybrid courses students complete the course requirements by attending classes on campus approximately 50% of the time and working online about 50% of the time. This means that students are required to attend classes on campus typically once a week and the rest is done via ANGEL. Students in hybrid courses need a computer with Internet access and some computer skills including mouse, keyboard, email, Windows, word processing and Internet skills.

Online courses
Your class doesn't meet on campus. You access your course materials and activities through RACC's ANGEL Learning website. However, some online course faculty might require some on-campus participation such as taking proctored tests on campus in the Academic Testing Center or at an approved non-RACC testing facility elsewhere. Students must have access to a computer, access to the Internet, and some computer skills. Required textbooks are available through the RACC bookstore.

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