Opportunities in Health Care

Associate Degree Nursing Program:

Registered nurses are in great demand. Some areas of practice include: medical/surgical, operating room, community health, rehabilitation, school nursing, hospitals, insurance companies, critical care, maternal/child health, mental health, geriatrics, industrial nursing, clinics and sales. Starting salaries for registered nurses are rapidly climbing as the demand for nurses increases. Nurses are needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They may work various hours, full-time or part-time. Employee benefits vary but usually include health benefits, retirement, education reimbursement, sick leave, holiday and vacation time, and continuing education.

Practical Nurse Program:

Once graduated and licensed as a Practical Nurse, you have extended career opportunities in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and wherever nursing takes place! In addition to those facilities already mentioned, a Licensed Practical Nurse could be employed by doctors' offices, out-patient clinics, insurance companies, rehabilitation services, home care companies, assisted living facilities, schools, industry, correctional facilities and pharmaceutical companies. Flexible schedules can be arranged to fit different lifestyles. There are also opportunities for advancement within the nursing profession.

Medical Laboratory Technician Program:

Although most graduates choose to practice in a hospital setting, some opt and positions in animal hospital labs, food labs, clinical reference labs, pharmaceutical companies, forensic and toxicology labs. Enjoy a career that is ever-changing and challenging with many opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Respiratory Care Program:

Respiratory Therapists work in a wide variety of settings from acute care hospital to home care to Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs. Learn more about the field of Respiratory Care to find out more about what a respiratory therapist does.