The Yocum Library Class Visits

The Yocum librarian faculty offer sessions to support the information literacy institutional core competencies:  “Graduates should be able to access, evaluate, organize, and use information ethically and legally using a variety of credible sources and demonstrate appropriate methods of research.  In addition, they should be able to interpret and evaluate findings and draw conclusions.”

Information literacy sessions can be taught in the library or in your classroom. The Library Essentials visit only requires 15 minutes of your class time, but the other information literacy sessions are designed to last approximately 45 minutes. Please schedule additional sessions to cover more than one topic.

Some suggestions that may make these sessions more effective:

  • Share the related assignment with the librarian faculty in advance.
  • Consult with the librarian faculty when you design your research assignment. Contact Kim Stahler at x5057 or
  • Assess your students’ information literacy skills prior to selecting an instruction session. Here is a link to our Information Literacy Skills Assessment Tool
  • Consider requiring specific formats of information (books, magazines, journals, websites) to encourage your students to use a variety of sources.
  • Remain engaged with the instruction throughout the session to reinforce the importance of acquiring research skills.

Submit this form to the library at least 7 days in advance. Check The Yocum Library Instruction Calendar to see which times are available. 


LIBRARY ESSENTIALS—15 Minute Classroom Visit by a Yocum Librarian

  1. identify the physical location of The Yocum Library
  2. describe how to access the Yocum Library website
  3. describe basic facts about The Yocum Library including schedule and contact information
  4. identify a Yocum Librarian for future research assistance

ORI103—Intro to The Yocum Library (also suitable for Community Education classes)

  1. obtain a RACC library card
  2. locate various library materials
  3. describe various library services

COM040/050—Finding Books in the Library (also suitable for Community Education classes)

  1. use library catalog to identify appropriate book titles
  2. locate books in the library using the LOC classification system
  3. check out and return books at the Service Desk
  4. identify E-book resources in The Yocum Library

COM040/050 or 121/122—Finding & Evaluating Internet Sources

  1. use search strategies to identify websites
  2. identify features of a quality website:  authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage

COM121/122—Using ProQuest databases

  1. access ProQuest databases on-site and remotely
  2. use basic keywords and synonyms for topic searching
  3. identify formats of periodical sources
  4. select and access appropriate full-text sources
  5. identify citation resources

COM131/132—Finding Literature Resources

  1. locate print-based literature resources in the library
  2. locate database literature resources in the library
  3. select and access appropriate full-text sources
  4. identify citation resources
Special Topics for 200-level Courses—Contact Kim Stahler at x5057 or