The Navajo Collection

The Navajo Collection was developed to support the courses offered by RACC, especially the Navajo Studies Program. The materials in the collection may be studied in the library. Students registered in the Navajo Studies class may check out the items for a two week period. Faculty may request that the materials be made available to their students. Others may ask for special permission to check them out from Mary Ellen Heckman, Director of Library Services.

Introduction to Navajo Studies in the Honors Program


This course will engage students in discovery of Navajo philosophy, life ways, language, traditions, healing practices, history, and art. Other topics to be explored include such items as the relationship between the Navajo Nation and other political units both local and national. Students will derive information from primary texts and other sources. In the analysis process, students will identify fact from fiction in the readings for the course. Additionally, students will debate issues, which reflect both traditional and contemporary concerns of the Navajo.