Fitness Center Liability Waiver

  1. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the exercise activities and programs permitted at Reading Area Community College and to use its facilities, equipment, and machinery, I do hereby waive, release, and forever discharge Reading Area Community College and its officers, agents, employees, representatives, executors, and all others from any and all responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from my participation in any activities or my use of equipment or machinery in the above-mentioned facilities. I do also hereby release all of those mentioned and any others acting on their behalf from any responsibility or liability in any way arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities or the use of any equipment at Reading Area Community College.
  2. I understand and am aware that strength, flexibility, and aerobic exercise, including the use of equipment, are potentially hazardous activities. I also understand that fitness activities involve a risk of injury and even death and that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment and machinery with knowledge of the danger involved. I hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all risk of injury or death. I further agree to acquire the necessary training to facilitate the use of the equipment safely.
  3. I acknowledge that I have had a physical examination and have been given my physicians permission to participate in activity and/or use of equipment and machinery. I do hereby further declare myself to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or other activities that would prevent my participation in any activities or programs permitted at Reading Area Community College or use of equipment or machinery except as hereinafter stated. I do hereby assume all responsibility for my participation, activities and utilization of machinery in my activities.
  4. I understand that instruction on use of Reading Area Community College Fitness Center's equipment and machinery is available. However, by initialing I waive instruction and will assume all risks involved.

NOTE: In order to enjoy our facility, everyone needs to sign a release of liability. On your first visit, please stop by the attendants' office. Thank You.