Credit by Exam

Students who believe they have knowledge equivalent to the competencies for an existing RACC course may request to place out of the course through an exam. To request articulation through credit-by-exam, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply to the college.
  2. Contact the Welcome Center 610-607-6224 to make an appointment with an enrollment services specialist.
  3. Make arrangements with the assigned faculty to take the exam.

Credit-by-exam is currently available for the following courses:

ACC105 - Financial Accounting
ACC110 - Managerial Accounting
BUS100 - Introduction to Business
BUS110 - Business Mathematics
COM121 - English Composition
IFT100 - Introduction to Information Technology
IFT110 - Microcomputer Applications
MAT150 - Foundations of Math
NET100 - Fundamentals of Networking
NUR100 - Nursing I
OFT100 - Personal Keyboarding
OFT110 - Keyboarding I
OFT111 - Keyboarding II
PNP101 - Practical Nursing I
PNP102 - Practical Nursing II
PRG100 - Introduction to Computer Programming
PRG140 - Visual Basic