RACCy Olympics

RACC recently concluded its fourth annual RACCy Olympics campaign, raising almost $19,000 for the Olivet Boys and Girls Club. This brings the two-year total for Olivet's to $35,325.

The donations have been used to support its summer camp in 2013, and now will go toward the renovation of the teen room at the Olivet club in Oakbrook and treating the kids to an outing at The Works in West Reading. After the room is renovated and new furniture and electronics are purchased, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a plate will mark that the room was donated by the students, staff & faculty through the 2014 RACCy Olympics. 

Olivet provides a safe after-school space, homework assistance, healthy snacks and meals, exercise and sports activities, guidance and structure to the youth of the Greater Reading Area. The positive outcome of Olivet on the community can be seen in the following statistics:

  • 90% of elementary school club members increased or maintained their reading level.
  • 69% of secondary school members improved or maintained good grades.
  • 88% of club members stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
  • 82% of Club members stay away from violence and fighting.
  • Club girls are 80% less likely to become pregnant in their teens.

The RACCy Olympics is an afternoon filled with crazy and unique games — no physical prowess required — in which teams of students and staff compete for an overall title. Prior to the actual event, teams compete with fundraisers throughout the year. There are prizes for the top fundraising team and also the top individual fundraiser.

Stay tuned for details on the new beneficiary of RACCy Olympics, which will be chosen this summer by students in RACC's Leadership program.

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