General Safety Information

General Information

Reading Area Community College is continually concerned with creating a supportive atmosphere that is safe and secure for all students, staff, and visitors. Taking steps to protect yourself from crime is very important, and prevention is your best protection against crime.

The College offers the following information to help ensure your safety:

  • Walk confidently and assertively
  • Walk in pairs/groups to your vehicle, particularly at night. Have your car keys ready prior to approaching your vehicle.
  • Notify Security if you would like to be escorted to your vehicle. Contact the PBX operator in the lobby of Berks Hall who will contact Security to assist you or request escort services from Security in the lobby of any other building.
  • Share your class/activity schedule with your family and a network of close friends. Create a buddy system and share the network list with others on the list.
  • Avoid large bushy areas or doorways where someone could be hiding.
  • Avoid shortcuts.
  • Register your vehicle with the Penn Hall Security officer within the first two weeks of every semester and display your parking tag on your rear-view mirror.
  • Be sure to lock your vehicle.
  • Do not leave books or other valuables visible in your vehicle.
  • Never display cash openly, especially when leaving the ATM.
  • Program your cell phone's speed dial to include the police, family, and friends.
  • Utilize the red phones located on campus within each building to report any incident or suspicious behavior. Report incidents or suspicious behavior in the parking lots to a staff member, security officer, or use the emergency yellow call boxes located in parking lots.

Emergency Call Box

Lastly, always be alert! Remember to trust your instincts. If you suspect something is wrong or a situation appears dangerous, you may be right. Do not dismiss your instincts if you are seeing suspicious people, cars, or situations. Report them to Campus Security or the Senior Vice-President for Enrollment Management/Student Development Office (Berks Hall, Room 127) immediately. Maintaining a safe campus is everyone's responsibility and all staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to contact Campus Security as appropriate.