Emergency Guidelines

Building Evacuation

Rescue AlarmWhen an evacuation alarm sounds, all persons are to leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. Take essential personal property including car keys with you when exiting the building. Doors to rooms should be closed but not locked. Do not open drawers/cabinets or turn switches on/off. Once outside, individuals in Berks Hall, Penn Hall, Zogas Student Union Building and Yocum Library should proceed to parking lot “B”. Individuals in the Schmidt Training and technology Center and the Miller Center for the Arts should proceed to parking lot “E”. Individuals in Schuylkill Hall will proceed across Riverfront Drive to Riverfront Park.

In the case of students with disabilities, direct them to the appropriate stairwell landing and activate the rescue alarm. In a one story building direct them to the nearest exit. If these options are not possible, assist them to an alternate area with a phone. Dial 911 and report the location of students with disabilities.

Fire Safety

All fires are to be reported as soon as possible. Pull the nearest fire alarm for the building. This will activate the audible alarm system to alert occupants to evacuate the building. Smoke is the greatest danger in a fire. When smoke is present, stay low and close to the floor where the air is less toxic. If you become trapped, try to get to a window where you are visible to rescuers. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor of each building and are regularly inspected. Fire extinguishers should only be used for very small fires after the fire has been reported and only by individuals trained in their use.

Campus Evacuation

All individuals are to immediately evacuate the area in question and relocate to another area as directed by campus security and/or College officials. All individuals are to take essential personal property with them when vacating the area.

Medical Emergencies

Dial 911 first and then call security at ext. 6291. All RACC Security Officers have been trained and are certified in First Responder first aid and CPR and are qualified to render assistance. RACC staff should not transport injured individuals in personal vehicles.

Bomb Threats

If a bomb threat is receives always take it seriously. Be calm. Be courteous. Listen. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Keep a copy of the Bomb Threat form somewhere close as an easy reference and use it to collect as much information as possible. Dial 911 to report the emergency. Then call Security at ext. 6291. If a bomb threat (such as a note, message, etc.) is found anywhere on campus, do not touch it. Immediately contact Security at ext. 6291 for assistance.

Power Failures

In most cases Physical Plant/Security will be aware of a power failure. Turn off all switches to protect equipment from potential damage when the power comes back on and a full surge of current returns. Check to see if people are stranded in elevators.  Call Security ext. 6291.

For further information, please read the Reading Area Community College Emergency Guidelines and Procedures.