Online Credit Courses

Online Learning uses technology to allow students flexibility to complete some or all of the requirements for a course without coming onto campus. Students utilize Canvas and the Internet for these types of courses available at RACC. RACC verifies student identities by using a secure login and password. Students who request support for their accounts may be asked to verify their identities by supplying specific identification information.

Please view the calendars below for a full listing of the college's online learning credit courses

Online Credit Courses

For up-to-date information on the status of these courses or search for a course, please check WebAdvisor.

  • Hybrid courses - Your class meets part of the time on campus, but you access the remaining course materials and activities through Canvas and/or other websites.
  • Online courses - Your class doesn't meet on campus. You access your course materials and activities through Canvas and/or other websites. However, some online course faculty might require some on-campus participation such as taking proctored tests on campus in the Academic Testing Center or at an approved non-RACC testing facility elsewhere. Although there is no additional cost for taking proctored tests on the RACC campus, online students are responsible for any charges for proctored tests at non-RACC sites and must have advanced written approval of the site before using it. In addition, online students may be required to participate in science labs on the RACC campus.

How do I sign up for Online Learning courses?

You register for Online Learning courses as you would any other type of RACC course. First you must be admitted to RACC through Admissions. After you are admitted, you can register for Online Learning courses by using WebAdvisor. When searching for Online Learning courses available on WebAdvisor you can search either as a "Current Student" or as a "Prospective Student." Choose "Search for Sections" and then enter the semester or session you need at the top of the search screen and "Online Learning" as the "Location" at the bottom of the search screen. The orientation information about your course is in the link above.