IMD Guidelines

Guidelines for Media Services Requests

Submission of Requests for media services during normal business hours (7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday) will be honored at no charge. Projects that require work outside these hours will be charged back to the requester at the overtime rate of the employee providing the service.

Media Services will use the following priority list when scheduling services:

  • Large-scale, official college-wide events, e.g., graduation, convocation, professional development activities
  • Full-time faculty credit instructional projects
  • Adjunct faculty credit instructional projects
  • Full-time faculty instructional research and development projects
  • Non-credit instructional projects
  • Full-time staff media projects
  • College-sanctioned student activities projects, e.g., club and organization requests
  • College-sponsored community activities

Media project requests

In order to provide quality service, at least 2 weeks notice prior to the deadline of any project is required. Please complete and submit the online IMD Project Request Form to initiate the request. You will be contacted to confirm the project or if additional information is needed. Large-scale projects may require final approval by the Assistant Dean for Library Services and Learning Resources who will determine whether sufficient resources exist to undertake the project.

Click here for examples of projects.


The Instructional Media & Design Department is a service-oriented department that supports full- and part-time faculty and staff of Reading Area Community College (RACC) by providing instructional technology support for RACC classes and special events. We are committed to providing high-quality support for the use of media, multi-media, and media technology to enhance and extend the teaching and learning resources of the College. We also provide the expertise and technical support needed to integrate these technologies into the classroom in order to increase effectiveness through the application of appropriate technologies. In order to provide responsive and equitable service, please adhere to the guidelines.

Ryan Matz
Educational Media Services Technician
Yocum Library Room 210
610-372-4721 Ext. 5043