MBA, Supply Chain Management, Lehigh University
Certificate in Business Management, The Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business
B.S., Entomology, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences

My teaching and research interests are Science and Ecology, with a focus on the applied science for Agriculture and Business Management systems.  Specific areas of expertise include Integrated Pest Management (IPM), conventional and organic edible mushroom production systems, food safety, composting, Corporate Social responsibility and Green Supply Chains.  I have authored numerous articles in juried and non-juried publications, and have been a principle investigator on research grants totaling $40K.

My teaching strategies bring my private sector, non-profit and research experience into the classroom to provide real-world examples of lesson concepts and provide insight into possible career paths after college.

Current Research Projects
Investigation of a Sustainable Outdoor Aging Method for Mushroom Compost.
Evaluation of Stover Removal and the Application of Fresh Mushroom Compost on Corn Yield and Soil Health.

Work Experience

  • Giorgio Foods/Giorgi Mushroom Co.; responsibilities in IPM, Production Systems, Organic Production, Food Safety, Composting, and Environmental Compliance; full-time position.
  • Cornell University, Northeastern IPM Center; Trainer & Consultant: responsibility in IPM in affordable housing; part-time position.


  • American Mushroom Institute; Integrated Pest Management Committee - Chair.
  • Pennsylvania Certified Organic; Advisory Board - President.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Advisory Board - Member.


  • Martindale Fellow. Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise, Lehigh University.
  • Invited Lecturer. China Agricultural University, Beijing, and University of Shaanxi, Taigu, People’s Republic of China.

International Experience

  • India; consultant for start-up mushroom facility in Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu for Unilever.
  • Mexico; consultant for mushroom farm in Saltillo, Huachichil for MG Alimentos.

Selected Publications
Organic Matters, The President’s Message, the quarterly newsletter for PA Certified Organic.

Mushroom News, Pest Management Matters, the monthly journal of the US mushroom industry.

Refereed Publications
Royse, D. J., K. Boomer, Y. Du, M. Handcock, P.S. Coles, and C.P. Romaine.  1999.  Spatial Distribution of Green Mold Foci in Thirty Commercial Mushroom Crops.  Plant Disease 83:71-76.

Weber, L., P. Coles, M. Hautau, and C. Oshins.  1997.  Comparison of Spent Mushroom Substrate and Inorganic Fertilizer as a Nutrient Source for Corn.  Mushroom News, Science & Technology 45(5):6-10. 

Coles, P.S.,  2002.  Mushroom Integrated Pest Management Handbook.  College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. 91 p. Spanish version, 2007.

Member PA Department of Environmental Protection workgroup.  1997.  Best Practices for Mushroom Production.  Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, Harrisburg, PA. 63 p.

Non-Refereed Publications

Coles, P.S. 2012. Integrated Pest Management and Resistance Management. Mushroom News 60(10):16-20.

Coles, P.S. 2012. Make Sure Your Pesticide Applications Are Legal Applications. Mushroom News 60(9):6-13.

Coles, P.S. 2012. Pest Monitoring Pays Big Dividends at McMinnville Housing Authority.

Coles, P.S. 1998. Pest exclusion and its role in integrated pest management. Mushroom News 46(11):26-29.

Coles, P.S. 1994. Using leaves as an ingredient in mushroom compost. Biocycle 35(9):79-82.

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Coles, P.S. 1994.Using leaves as a substitute for corncobs. Mushroom News 42(11):7-8.

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