ANGEL Learning FAQs and Guides

ANGEL 8.0 Quickstart Student Guide - Adobe PDF file PDF 1.30MB

  1. When can I login to ANGEL?
    You can login to ANGEL approximately three weeks before the semester session begins (see the course's start date on your class schedule).

  2. When do I have access to my courses in ANGEL?
    You have access to your courses in ANGEL the day each course starts. The start date is on your class schedule. However, some instructors might let you access it a couple of days sooner. Your instructor will notify you via your Ravens email.

  3. One of my courses is missing in ANGEL, what do I do?
    If a course is missing, please make sure you are properly registered for this course by accessing your class schedule in WebAdvisor. If the course is not on your class schedule, you might have been dropped from such course. Please contact the Records Office and your instructor immediately.

  4. What do I need to login to ANGEL?
    You need your RACC Student ID number. It is printed on your Registration Sheet and on your Class Schedule.

  5. What is my Username in ANGEL?
    Your Username in ANGEL is always your RACC student ID number. Just make sure to remove any leading zeros.

  6. What is my Password in ANGEL?
    • If you haven’t taken a class using ANGEL before and this is your first time logging in, your temporary password is your RACC student ID number.  Just make sure to remove any leading zeros.
    • If you have taken a class using ANGEL previously and successfully changed your password, you must continue to use the same password.

  7. I forgot my password, what do I do?
    Contact the ANGEL Help Desk at RACC.

  8. Will my courses in ANGEL remain open after the semester ends?
    No, courses in ANGEL are closed three weeks after finals week for Fall and Spring semester sessions and three weeks after the semester ends for Summer semester sessions.

  9. How do I see my work or grades in a course in ANGEL that is already closed?
    You need to contact your instructor for further assistance.

  10. Is my computer ready for a course using ANGEL?
    ANGEL requires specific features and browser plugins. To verify if your browser has these plugins installed, please watch the How to Video on Required Plugins.

  11. Although it is the same course and instructor, why do I see a different section number from the one I registered for?
    If you see a different section number (see examples below), it is because your instructor is using a special feature in ANGEL. So the section number you see is the one you need to access. Your instructor will provide more information about this on your first day of class.

    Course examples
  12. I want to register for an online class that uses ANGEL, what class should I choose?
    Select the class that says “Online (no Classroom Meetings) days…” in the “Meeting Information” column. Meeting Information

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