Placement Testing


First, have I submitted my required application to RACC before placement testing?

Before taking the RACC placement test, you must complete an online admissions application. Next, follow the simple steps to enroll, starting with scheduling your placement test.

Who needs to take the placement test?

Most full-time and part-time students are required to take the placement test unless they qualify for a Waiver due to their SAT scores, prior college level math or English courses completed with a "C" or better, or other qualifying items.

What is the placement test at RACC and why is it important?

The ACCUPLACER® placement test at RACC is an Internet-based, computerized test, consisting of Writing, Reading, and several Mathematics sections. The tests will measure your current knowledge and skills so that you can determine which course levels are most appropriate for you. It is very important that you prepare for the placement tests in advance so that you perform at your best and do not have to spend time and tuition on classes below your actual competency level.

How and when should I schedule my placement test?

The College offers a varied placement testing schedule of day and evening hours to take the placement test. Please contact the Welcome and Information Center at 610-607-6224 to make an appointment to take your test. On "Open Testing" days or hours, no appointment is necessary and you should report to the Welcome Center in Berks Hall, Room B-001, with a valid photo ID.

Note: Placement test deadlines vary for each semester. Please check the schedule of deadlines and be sure to complete your placement test before the appropriate deadline.

Students with disabilities

Prior to scheduling your placement test, students with a disability should schedule an appointment with Disability Services to request appropriate accommodations. Appointments with Disability Services can be made by calling 610-607-6245.

What should I expect during placement testing?

Please read this overview of what to expect during placement testing. Covered topics include: the purpose of the placement test, tips for preparing before the the test, what to bring on testing day, how to navigate the test, how to get your results, and more.

What are the placement testing rules in the Testing Center?

Please determine what items you must bring to the testing center and learn the rules of the testing session. A valid, current photo ID will be required.

Why should I prepare for my placement test?

Research shows that practicing sample questions and reviewing your math, writing, and reading materials in advance can significantly improve your performance on the test, and help you enter college at exactly the right course levels to match your abilities and goals. Preparing will also allow you to become familiar with the test, the computer or calculator, and reduce any test anxiety.

How do I prepare for my placement test?

You cannot "fail" the placement test, but your scores are important and will determine which classes you will register for in your first semester. Taking the time to prepare for your placement test may result in a higher placement. We have put together some materials below that you should use to improve your reading, writing and your math skills.

Practice sample test questions from ACCUPLACER

These are realistic sample test questions in all test subjects (reading, mathematics, and writing) from ACCUPLACER, which you should complete and check your answers with the answer key provided at the end of the test. If English is your second language and you find some questions difficult, scroll down to the end where you will find sample ESL questions to practice.

What is on the sample tests?

All students should review the description of each placement test before taking it. This link gives information about the format and special features of the test.

Download the ACCUPLACER Study App for your Internet device or phone (optional)

This is an interactive practice test/study app available for your phone, tablet, or computer for a small fee, which can help you prepare for the test.

Find FREE math skills preparation materials here

Preparation is especially important for the Math placement test. Even if you have studied several years of math in school, you may have forgotten some of the basic concepts. Reviewing your math is essential to correct placement in courses.

Find FREE writing skills preparation materials here

Learn and practice the basics of writing a good essay and other writing skills before taking the placement test.

If you do not have internet access or are unfamiliar with a computer, visit the Yocum Library to complete the sample questions and practice computer skills in advance.

Your test will be on a computer. If you are familiar with it you can focus on the test and enhance your scores.

What is the retesting policy?

Students are allowed one free retest after a two week waiting and studying period. It is recommended that students wait two months after one retake before requesting any further retesting. The first placement test and one retake are free of charge. Any subsequent retests will be charged at the rate of $5 per placement test section, or $15 for all three sections (reading, writing, and mathematics). The permission of an advisor or division chair is required to retest a third time or earlier than two months.