Dual Admissions Agreement with Millersville University

Planning to transfer to University after completing your Associate Degree at RACC?

RACC's Dual Admissions agreement with Millersville University can help you get there!

The Dual Admissions agreement with Millersville University ensures that you will be accepted to Millersville after completing an Associate Degree at RACC if you meet the following conditions:

  • Complete the RACC/Millersville Dual Admission Application when you apply to RACC or before you complete 30 college credits. Students may apply as early as their senior year of high school. Students who start at RACC having completed more than 30 college credits at other colleges are not eligible.
  • Maintain a 2.0 and continuous enrollment at RACC.
  • Graduate from RACC.
  • Enroll at Millersville the semester following graduation from RACC.
  • Meet all Millersville University admissions requirements, including application deadlines and any specific requirements relating to your major.

If you qualify for the Millersville Dual Admissions agreement, Millersville will do the following:

  • Waive the admission application fee.
  • Notify you of acceptance into the Dual Admissions Program.
  • Provide you an opportunity to meet with a Millersville representative each semester prior to graduating from RACC.

Steps for Enrollment in Dual Admissions Program

  1. Visit the RACC Transfer Office to fill out a RACC/Millersville Dual Admission Application before completing 30 college credits. You will be pre-screened to make sure you are eligible for the program.
  2. Within six months of your intended start date at Millersville, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the university.

Dual Admissions agreements are non-binding for students. If you decide not to attend Millersville after signing an Intent Form, you can cancel your Dual Admissions agreement by sending written notification to both Millersville University and RACC

To enroll in this program, please complete a Dual Admission Application which is available from RACC Transfer Services in Berks Hall, Room 209.