Master Syllabus

Interviewing & Interrogation Skills


  1. Course Title: Interviewing & Interrogation Skills
  2. Course Number: LAW230
  3. Course Name: Law Enforcement
  4. Credit Hours: 3
  5. Semesters Offered: Fall
  6. Prerequisite: COM 121 English Composition, LAW 150 Legal Procedures



Methods used in interviewing witnesses and victims and interrogating suspects in order to obtain valid confessions. The focus is on establishing rapport, perceiving body language and obvious attempts at deception, use of the polygraph, and techniques for verbally disarming the interviewee.


Fundamental legal and professional principles are inherent in law enforcement administration.   The techniques taught in this course are dealt with from the viewpoint of the law enforcement administrator and his potential for contributing to the causes of right and justice.  The varied means, by which the administrator, through subordinates, obtains the relevant, evidential facts to present before a court of law or other tribunal, are considered.  Adequate knowledge of the techniques of the profession is essential to an effective law enforcement administrator.


  1. Identify verbal expressions and speech patterns that identify a lie.
  2. Construct structured questions and differentiate between a lie and tile truth.
  3. Interview a suspect and analyze written and oral statements.
  4. Analyze physical positions and postures, body shifts, and touches to diagnose the internal state of an interviewee.
  5. Structure space relationships between the interviewer and the interviewee.
  6. Identify the signs and signals which indicate that the suspect is ready to give incriminating information.
  7. Cite the five moods of a liar.
  8. Define the personality types and assign the appropriate technique.
  9. Describe the systematic, patterned interrogation procedure from beginning to end.
  10. Cite specific lines of rational argument and emotional appeals which have proven effective historically.