Honors Program Courses

Here is a list of Honors Courses that RACC offers. Full course descriptions are available in our online catalog. Honors students can also explore a wide variety of additional topics through independent study and enrichment of standard college courses. Please see the course offerings page to check which courses are offered in upcoming semesters.

  • ANT 200 Intercultural Communication
  • ANT/PSY/HIS 255 Interpreting Lives: Rites of Passage, Personal History, and the Life Cycle
  • ANT 285 Ethnographic Research (Honors)
  • BUS 240 International Business
  • COM 122 English Composition (Honors)
  • COM 132 Composition & Literature (Honors)
  • COM 152 Fundamentals of Speech (Honors)
  • ENV 131 The Environment
  • HON 101 Introduction to College Studies (Honors)
  • HUM 281 Leadership Development Studies
  • MAT 151 Foundations of Math (Honors)
  • PHI 276 Intro to Ethics (Honors)
  • PSY 131 General Psychology (Honors)
  • SOC 131 Sociology

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