Practical Nursing Program Costs

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Students enrolled in the Practical Nurse program will incur the following costs for 2013.

Costs for the spring, summer and fall semesters are identical and include tuition (16 credits) and a lab fee.

Additional costs specifically related to the Practical Nurse program are referenced below.

Please note that all costs are subject to change.

Cost Per Semester (Spring, Summer and Fall)

Description Cost
Tuition (16 credits) ($83.00 per credit*) $2175.00
Lab Fee ($405.00 per semester) $405.00
Total Cost Per Semester $2,580.00

Estimated Additional Expenditures Per Student

Description Cost
Books $1000.00
Malpractice Insurance $23.00
Uniforms $325.00
NCLEX Review Course - Kaplan $400.00
Licensure Application $35.00
NCLEX-PN Exam Fee $200.00
Temporary Practice Permit $35.00
Graduation Pin $45.00
Graduation Fee $40.00
Assessment Fee $45.00
Total Additional Expenses $3,123.00

The estimated total 12-month cost per student is $10,863.*

* Tuition shown at Berks County Resident rate. Visit the tuition and fees section for out-of-county costs.

**Optional (must have own health care coverage or purchase this)

Note: Costs do not include the tuition/text costs for pre-requisite courses.