Office of Grants and Institutional Planning

Services (Grants);

  • Identifies potential funding sources to meet College needs
  • Assists college personnel develop grant proposals
  • Coordinates the submission of grants with the appropriate supervisor, Business Office, Human Resources Office and other offices or agencies as appropriate
  • Monitors the Carl Perkins allocation

Services (Institutional Planning):

  • Monitors the institutional planning process to coordinate institutional planning with the budget process
  • Insures that the college community is aware of the institutional planning processes
  • Reports to the college community on progress towards the annual institutional objectives
  • Serves as chairperson of the Long Range Planning Committee
  • Collects and analyzes data from the college’s service area appropriate for college’s planning purposes

By-Laws and Reports


Grant Summaries
Grant Summary February 2007 - Adobe PDF file PDF 23 KB

Grant Proposal Idea Form
Proposal Form (in order to access this file you must be on campus)

Institutional Planning & Initiatives

Institutional Initiatives

  1. Final Report 2004-2005 Institutional Initiatives - Adobe PDF file PDF 43 KB
  2. Report 2005-2006 Institutional Initiatives - Adobe PDF file PDF 26 KB
  3. Final Report 2005-2006 Institutional Initiatives 2005-2006 - Adobe PDF file PDF 50 KB
  4. 2006-2007 Institutional Initiatives - Adobe PDF file PDF 36 KB

The Final RACC Master Plan

Click the "Bookmarks" tab to view the Table of Contents. Each bookmark is hyperlinked to a specific section of the plan. View the Plan in Adobe PDF Format - Adobe PDF file PDF 11.3 MB