ANGEL Learning Computer Requirements

Recommended Web Browsers

Note: ANGEL doesn't support mobile devices such as tablets (e.g. iPad) or smartphones(e.g. iPhone). Please use a full version of an ANGEL recommended browser.

Though you may have success with other Web browsers, the following browsers work best with ANGEL. To download the recommended version of each browser, click on the link. This will direct you to a download page.

Windows 8 users: Use Internet Explorer 10 or Firefox to access ANGEL.

PC System:
Recommended Browsers:

Macintosh System
Recommended Browsers:

  • America Online (AOL)
    Macintosh AOL users should use one of the recommended browsers above.
  • Firefox 3.6.24.
    (Internet Explorer for the Mac will not work with ANGEL)
  • Firefox latest version and ensure popups are enabled for ANGEL.

Browser Help Tutorials

In order to access ANGEL email, attachments, and other features, you must enable your web browser pop-ups.

movie and video image How to enable pop-ups in Internet Explorer - (w/audio Available with Closed Caption)
How to enable pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox - (w/audio Available with Closed Caption)
How to enable pop-ups in Google Chrome - (w/audio Available with Closed Caption)

Software your computer might need

Although Microsoft Office 2007 or newer is most commonly used for Word processing and/or PowerPoint Presentations, some courses do require other specific software. However, any word processing program that will save files as Ms Word 2007 or newer, will work.

If you do not have Microsoft Office you can download a free 60-day trial:
MS Office 2010

Or you can download the Microsoft Office Viewers below:

Java Plugin

To access the full range of ANGEL features, you must install the latest Java plugin version.

movie and video imageHow to Install Java
Download the Java plugin

More Plugins

To access the full range of ANGEL features including Virtual Whiteboard, you must install the latest Adobe Flash and Shockwave versions.